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Do Your Order provides all-in-one Cloud Solution for Restaurants, Hotels, and Bars. Enjoy QR Digital Menu, KDS, Point of Sale (POS), Inventory Management, Restaurant Ordering System, Food Delivery Software, translated on line menu and more. Boost sales and client satisfaction effortlessly.

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Do Your Order's Vision

Our corporate vision is to revolutionize the restaurant industry by providing the most comprehensive and innovative restaurant management platform in the market. We are committed to making the restaurant experience stress-free for both customers and restaurant owners. Our aim is to be the biggest restaurant platform in the market, enabling our customers to focus on their core competencies of providing delicious food and excellent service, while we take care of the complexities of running their business. We strive to bring cutting-edge technology to our customers, and continuously improve our platform to exceed their expectations.

The Idea Behind Our Business

Our business idea started with a simple frustration we experienced during a night out at a bar. We realized that constantly flagging down a waiter or waiting in long lines at the bar counter to order and pay for drinks was impacting our enjoyment of the night out. We knew there had to be a better way and that when we came up with the idea of creating an „app free” process that would allow customers to order and pay for drinks directly from their phones.

We worked closely with industry experts and developers to create a mobile friendly platform that was easy to use and streamlined the ordering process, all while prioritizing a great customer experience. The positive feedback we have received since launching the platform has been overwhelmingly positive, with customers and businesses alike expressing interest in using our solution to improve service and efficiency.

Our future plans involve expanding our reach and continuing to work with businesses to improve their operations by adding relevant functionalities. We are committed to being a client-centric company, always looking for ways to learn and improve to better meet the needs of our customers. At the core of our business is the belief that ordering and paying for drinks should be easy and efficient, and we are excited to continue delivering on that promise.

Our Mission Statement

We aim to become the biggest all-in one POS solution provider for restaurants in terms of global market share.

We deliver the best user experience to our customers and their clients through our innovative software, workflows, and design.

We empower restaurants to deliver greater a client experience while increasing their sales and profit margins.

Our employees are our greatest assets, and we care about their health and wellbeing.

Diversity and Inclusion are our main strengths, and we account for it in our hiring process.

We thank our competitors for pushing us to do better every day.

We partner with our hardware suppliers and leave them with enough margin to innovate.

We document our main work processes and improve them continuously.

We want to become a net zero CO2 emission company by working smart, using renewable energy sources, and investing in reforestation programs.

We do our best as individuals and lose or succeed as a team.