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We have blended expertise in business administation, finance and IT

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Our Mission Statement

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We aim to become the biggest all-in one POS solution provider for restaurants in terms of global market share.

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We deliver the best user experience to our customers and their clients through our innovative software, workflows, and design.

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We empower restaurants to deliver greater a client experience while increasing their sales and profit margins.

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Our employees are our greatest assets, and we care about their health and wellbeing.

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Diversity and Inclusion are our main strengths, and we account for it in our hiring process.

We thank our competitors for pushing us to do better every day.

We partner with our hardware suppliers and leave them with enough margin to innovate.

We document our main work processes and improve them continuously.

We want to become a net zero CO2 emission company by working smart, using renewable energy sources, and investing in reforestation programs.

We do our best as individuals and lose or succeed as a team.

Our Team

Ryccardo D’Alessio

CEO – Founder

Prince 2 certified project manager, financial analyst, and management consultant for big multinationals such as: Deloitte, AIG, Royal Bank of Scotland, Coutts & Co, Capco, Credit Suisse. Born and raised in a family whose business is focused on the hospitality industry where he started “working” his first season at 9 years old. Studied in the US and Italy; lived and worked in 5 countries. He is now based in Zürich, Switzerland.

Zoe D’ Alessio

CFO & Digital Marketing

Experienced capital markets investment professional with a passion for Arts and Design. CFA level 3 candidate; prior companies include LGT , NN Investment Partners and Gazprombank Studied in Spain and Russia; lived and worked in 5 countries. Life Partner of the CEO has to cope with with this project more than she would like to.

Alessandro Cucci


Python developer. Wrote a book on machine learning for developers.University teacher. CTO at Energee3 Kindergarten, High School, and elementary school friend of the CEO; both acted together in a theatrical comedy in elementary school. There is a video tape of this.

Alessio Manfreda

Project Manager

Experienced project manager with strong influencing skills. Served as functionary in the Italian political government of Matteo Renzi and Mario Monti Worked in the European commission and project managed the past G20 meeting in Italy. Went to middle school with the Founder where they both shared a passion for history and political debate.

Safwan Mamji

Head of Front Development

Responsive Mobile and App Responsive Website Mobile App with Push Notifications Location Services Google Maps Integration API Integration Animations

Diby Sathua

Head of Back End Development

He excels at developing codes for scraping website REST API with Django as backend Cloud Deployment Python dash framework Web Sockets MongoDB

Amir Idrees

System Architecht

Project Management Architecting / automating Critical deployments of large infrastructure Proficient with configuration of management tools, and in developing CI / CD pipeline

Jane Senatava

UI/UX Designer

Experienced in UI/UX design, brand identity and interactive design.

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