Setup Instruction and Operations Guide for Our All-in-One Restaurant Platform

Designed for Account Owners, Administrators, Managers, and Employees using Do Your Order to run their restaurant business. Topics Include Multilingual Digital Menus, Self-Ordering, On-Table Service, Robust Reporting, Secure Credit Card Processing, and Inventory Management.

Doyo - DoYourOrder Getting Started with Do Your Order Restaurant App

Getting Started with Do Your Order Restaurant App

Welcome to the future of restaurant management! Within a short time frame, you can kick-start your digital restaurant experience

Doyo - DoYourOrder How to Add a Restaurant Menu Item with Do Your Order

How to Add a Restaurant Menu Item with Do Your Order

This tutorial is for Restaurant owners, first time users, Administrators manager and users. By following these steps, you'll be able to efficiently add, edit, and manage menu items on your Do Your Order restaurant platform, enhancing your restaurant's online presence and customer experience.

Doyo - DoYourOrder Managing User Access and Permissions in Your Restaurant Account

Managing User Access and Permissions in Your Restaurant Account

In this tutorial, we will guide you through the process of adding and managing users with different access rights in your restaurant account on Do Your Order. You can control who has access to various features and departments within your restaurant management system.

How to run the Transactions Report

Transaction reports provide a detailed overview of your restaurant's financial transactions within a specified time frame. A full overview of everything that has been billed in your restaurant

How to run Product Margin Report

Product Margin Reports offer insight into your menu's profitability. They are essential for making informed decisions about your menu offerings and pricing.

How to run a User KPIs Report

User KPIs Reports are excellent for assessing employee performance, especially waitstaff and kitchen personnel. They help identify top performers and understand tips distribution.

How to run a department KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) Report

Department KPIs Reports provide insights into department-wise sales, helping you understand which areas of your restaurant are performing well

How to run Operational KPIs Reports

Operational KPIs Reports are essential for monitoring kitchen performance and ensuring timely food and drink delivery, which directly impacts customer satisfaction

How to run a COGS Report

COGS Reports are crucial for monitoring material consumption and preventing product stockouts, ensuring a smooth operational flow.

How to Add COGS (Cost of Goods Sold) to products

Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) is an essential metric for understanding the true cost of your menu items.By following these instructions, you can effectively manage and track the cost of goods sold for your menu items, helping you make informed pricing decisions.

How to Use the POS Screen for Different Scenarios

The POS screen in Do Your Order is designed for individuals serving directly at the counter, such as bartenders and food truck owners. It allows you to handle various payment and order scenarios.

Step-by-Step Guide: Utilizing the Order Management and Processing Platform for Restaurant Staff

This in-depth guide is crafted for waiters, servers, managers, administrators, and business owners to elevate operational efficiency in their restaurants using our specialized app. Follow these steps, accompanied by illustrative screenshots, to proficiently manage your order processing and service delivery.

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