KDS: Kitchen Display System

Display all waiters and client self-orders on kitchen monitors, tablets , smart TVs or phones. No hardware required!
Doyo - DoYourOrder KDS: Kitchen Display System

Main Features


Coordinate delivery across departments to ensure food reaches the guests on time.

All the orders are dispatched to the right department, and are accessible on devices like phone or tablet by each authorized user.

Updates you about the items that are out of stock.



The servers or POS staff can be notified when food or drinks are ready

Available on Smartphones

Eliminate paper, toner, and unreliable printers! Buy a touchscreen instead, and collaborate actively with staff across all departments; this will reduce operational confusion.

On the side

Bring the tables close to each other and prepare them together

Have a cross-table overview of the dishes that you need to deliver and to possibly combine tables

Comments, allergens and special requirements are flagged at dish level

How can a KDS help in your restaurant?

KDS streamlines order management in restaurants and food businesses. The kitchen display system typically automates what was once a manual task for restaurant staff.

Orders are placed electronically

The server inputs the customer’s order into the system, which is then routed to a digital display in the kitchen. Without the kitchen display system, the kitchen would receive a paper printout from the POS system.

Orders are routed automatically

With KDS, it's faster to get the different parts of an order where they need to go. There’s no need for staff to organize and prioritize paper tickets to get a party’s food delivered to the table at the same time.

Preparing the dishes gets easier

You can easily prioritize orders based on the expected prep time with a KDS. It can even pace the start time for each dish in an order—as long as the prompts are followed, dishes are prepared at the proper time.

Easy for the staff to access details

You can view recipe details and photos of dishes served at the restaurant on the kitchen screen, including special dishes. Servers will be more aware of what dishes are available and how they are prepared, so they can quickly provide accurate and detailed information to customers. Special requests or dietary needs can also be addressed in a timely manner.

Inventory is Automatically Monitored

A KDS system can help to automatically track restaurant inventory by integrating with the restaurant's point of sale (POS) system. This integration allows the KDS to automatically update inventory levels as items are sold. Restaurants can gain a better understanding of their inventory levels and make more informed decisions about ordering and stocking ingredients.

Kitchen and its workflow

The kitchen is the busiest room in a restaurant, and that’s where our kitchen display system comes into the game. Our app’s KDS keeps track of turnaround time and sends you notifications when an order is ready to be served. Digitize your production centers and decrease your paper consumption, as well. Reduce mistakes on the line, and gather data on production times.

Prioritize customer satisfaction

Our restaurant KDS system is designed to communicate orders with greater clarity in real time. As a result, the extra hustle and bustle from table to kitchen is eliminated. Waiters can easily dispatch an order to the kitchen as soon as it is taken, giving them more time to handle other responsibilities.

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All the functional insights you need, at your fingertips:

A detailed view of every order

Sort easily through orders with the help of filters

Even online orders are carried out with ease through KDS

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Get rid of the extra bulky printers:

Have you ever lost a customer who was impatient, couldn’t wait for his or her turn, and left the restaurant without ordering? Not with DOYO. Instead, your customers enjoy a speedy ordering experience by simply pointing their camera at the QR code and accessing the menu with a single tap

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Restaurants can leverage KDS for other purposes:

Easy menu translation into 8 different languages

Access to sales reporting, shift management, and much more

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