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Streamline your restaurant's ordering process with our advanced table ordering system. Our restaurant table ordering system simplifies the dining experience, allowing waiters to conveniently place clients orders directly from their phones by scanning the table qr code. This reduces mistakes in the ordering process; waiters are notified by kitchen via push notification when food is ready.
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Doyo - DoYourOrder Restaurant Table Ordering

Main Features

Take orders and organize them in service rounds

Ask the kitchen to prepare food by using the 'Call' function

Bill items before they are served (pay now, serve later)

Client self-orders can still be managed actively by the server, organized in rounds and submitted for preparation

Revolutionizing Restaurant Operations with Table Ordering System

Gone are the days when customers had to wait in long lines to place their orders or receive their bills. With the rise of technology, restaurants are moving toward digital systems that make things easier for customers. Table ordering systems are the best way for restaurants to improve the customer experience and make the whole dining experience more enjoyable.

Simplifying Restaurant Operations with Restaurant Table Ordering System

The restaurant table ordering system eliminates the need for servers to take orders, freeing them up to focus on other aspects of customer service. With a contactless menu, customers can easily place their orders and even pay directly through a QR code. This not only saves time but also reduces the wait time for customers, making the dining experience smoother and more enjoyable.

Introducing DOYO – The Ultimate Restaurant Table Management System

DOYO is software for managing restaurant tables. It has a number of features that make running a restaurant easier. With DOYO, you can:

Take orders and organize them in service rounds.

Ask the kitchen to prepare food by using the ‘Call’ function.

Bill items before they are served (pay now, serve later).

Manage customer self-orders with the help of servers.

What Sets the Table Ordering System Apart?

The table-ordering system not only makes things better for the customers, but it also provides a number of benefits for the restaurant:

Servers stay better informed and on top of orders by receiving push notifications once a customer places an order or when food is ready.There’s no need to invest in outdated and expensive terminals. Any iOS or Android device can access the digital menu.

The digital menu is fully customized to your needs, including easily changeable menu items, pricing, and layout.

Quickly organize and schedule your dishes—you can even define specific days or hours for different menu items.

On the side

The “Ready” function permits the kitchen to immediately inform the server that their guests' food is prepared.

Orders are placed by scanning a numbered QR code; no mistakes in assigning the order to the wrong table

Split bill functionality, including by item

Maximizing Efficiency with Restaurant Table Management Software

Running a restaurant smoothly and efficiently can be challenging, especially with the constant influx of orders and customers. That's where DOYO's user-friendly interface and comprehensive POS system come into play. By incorporating digital menus and a real time tableside ordering system, DOYO streamlines the entire process, enabling restaurant managers to effectively manage their business operations. With real-time order tracking and a digital menu ordering system, staff can focus on delivering exceptional customer service, rather than being bogged down by manual order- taking and bill generation. This optimized workflow not only enhances the overall dining experience but also increases table turn and customer satisfaction. Additionally, DOYO offers an online ordering system and QR code ordering capabilities, enabling customers to conveniently place orders from their own devices. With DOYO's advanced POS systems, restaurant owners can revolutionize their operations, improve efficiency, and provide a seamless experience for both customers and staff.

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