Experience the future of dining with our innovative self-ordering system. Our restaurant self-ordering solution empowers customers to conveniently place their orders using our user-friendly self-ordering app. Clients are allowed to pay by credit card, apple pay and google pay. Scan Order & Pay.
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Doyo - DoYourOrder Self-Ordering

Main Features

Place an order and pay with Google Pay, Apple Pay, or credit card

Guests view the menu items in their own language

Guests can exclude items containing certain allergens

Pictures help guests make quicker, better-informed decisions


No Long Queues

Your guests don’t have to wait in long lines anymore.

Simultaneous Ordering

All members of a party can order simultaneously.

Customer Care

Items are reviewed by the server before submission to the kitchen.

Employee Care

A fixed service fee for servers is applied.

Self-Ordering: Save at least 5 minutes per table!

Ordering process in a typical restaurant VS. Doyo Model

The ordering process today

Self Ordering with DOYO


1. Guests arrive at a restaurant and wait to be seated
2. Be seated
3. Receive the menu

1. Guests arrive at a restaurant and sit at the table


4. Guests read the paper menu, place the order to the server, who keys it into the system
5. The order is sent to the relevant department (i.e., Bar, Pizzeria, Kitchen)

2. Place the order via smartphone in parallel with the other guests in their party


7. Bring the order to the table
8. Guests finish eating and ask for the bill

3. Receive the food and receipt at the same time


9. Guests finish eating and ask for the bill
10. Pay by cash or credit card

4. Pay by credit card, avoiding social contact or touching conventional payment devices

Spend more time selling and less time fixing mistakes with self-ordering. Give your customers a pleasant dining experience with fewer interruptions.

How a self-ordering system benefits customers

With DOYO, all customers in a party can order simultaneously from their smartphones. Make order processing prompt during peak hours with our self-ordering system. Reduce your customers’ wait times while freeing your staff to handle other duties.

Scan menu on the phone

Choose your language

Filter out ingredients per your preference or allergies

Images assist with decision-making

Convenient and contactless ordering

The guests place their own orders, and customizing their meals to suit their taste preferences. All the information they need is on their smartphones, enabling them to order autonomously, which makes their experience safer and more worthwhile. It’s highlyeffective for drive-thru customers because it saves them time waiting in line. Overall, it improves service speed and saves time, which enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Self-ordering systems also offer benefits for restaurant owners

Reduces labor costs

Self-ordering systems offer restaurateurs the flexibility to scale down the number of servers needed, since taking orders is no longer part of the process. , This takes a large bite out of your labor costs.

Provides your customers an engaging experience

A visual menu adds to the restaurant’s overall reputation, giving your guests an enhanced experience with your brand’s look and feel. It adds a personal touch and leaves its mark on the customer’s mind.

Diminished wait times

An obvious benefit of a self-ordering system is reduced wait times. Your guests won’t have to stand in the line to order or wait for a server to take one. A few taps on the self-ordering system makes the whole process much faster and smoother for your guests.

Enhances order accuracy

Since your customers will be submitting orders on their own, your error rate will drop significantlyp. Thesoftware typically cuts down the “This is not what I ordered” conversations—the menu item photos play an incredible role in reducing miscommunication.

Increases check sizes

Restaurants can push targeted and intuitive upsell prompts as customers are creating their orders—offers, promotions, “buy 1 get 1 free” deals, daily specials, etc. With self-ordering system from DOYO, you can also include strategic tactics like adding extra paid toppings, opting for a meal combo, or upgrading to premium sides.

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