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Our workforce management software streamlines employee onboarding, work role management, and work assignment, ensuring efficient operations. Take control of your workforce with our powerful software, simplifying your restaurant's staffing processes and maximizing productivity.
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Doyo - DoYourOrder Workforce Management

Main Features

Onboard your employees by sending them an invitation via email and send them their shift schedule

Assign roles and rights

Each employee will have his own working area in the platform with individually tailored rights

In the fast-paced world of the restaurant industry, efficient employee management is vital to success. Our restaurant workforce management software offers a comprehensive solution designed specifically for restaurant owners and managers. Seamlessly integrated with your point of sale (POS) system, our software optimizes operations and maximizes productivity, making it a game-changer for the restaurants industry.

Efficient Employee Scheduling and Restaurant Workforce Management:

Simplify employee onboarding and streamline scheduling with our intuitive software. Easily assign employees to specific work areas and shifts, ensuring a well-organized workforce.

Mobile App for Time Clocks and Real-Time Geolocation:

Say goodbye to traditional time clocks with our mobile app that enables employees to conveniently clock in and out using their smartphones. With real-time geolocation capabilities, you can monitor check-ins remotely, eliminating the need for physical attendance tracking.

Insightful Reports for Performance Evaluation and Labor Cost Management:

Gain valuable insights into employee performance with our comprehensive reporting system. Identify top-performing waitstaff who generate the highest sales, deliver the most orders, offer frequent discounts, or make deletions. Identify outstanding cooks who excel in food preparation. Leverage these insights to optimize your operations and effectively manage labor costs.

Seamless Payroll Integrations:

Simplify your payroll process with seamless integrations. Our software seamlessly calculates wages, manages labor costs, and ensures accurate and timely payments to your staff. Save time and resources by streamlining payroll management.

Effective Team Communication and Collaboration:

Foster efficient team communication and collaboration with our workforce management software. Our platform facilitates real-time notifications, ensuring your staff stays connected and informed about updates, changes, and important announcements.

Tailored Solutions for Restaurants of All Sizes:

Our software caters to the specific needs of small businesses and bustling restaurants alike. Choose from flexible plans, including a free option, to suit your requirements and budget.

Join Restaurant Owners Who Have Transformed Their Workforce Management:

Experience the power of our restaurant scheduling software and become part of a thriving community of satisfied restaurant owners. Unlock streamlined operations, enhanced employee scheduling, and improved customer experiences.

Experience the Convenience of a Mobile App, Real-Time Insights, and Integration with Your POS System:

Our software offers a user-friendly mobile app, providing access to real-time insights and seamless integration with your point of sale (POS) system. Elevate your restaurant's operations today.

Embrace the power of our restaurant scheduling software and become part of a thriving community of satisfied restaurant owners who have transformed their workforce management. Experience the benefits of streamlined operations, enhanced employee performance, and improved customer experiences.Revolutionize your restaurant's operations today.


Mobile Friendly

Employees can use their own phones for taking orders, see them in the kitchen, clocking-in and out

Control Everything

Monitor individual performance in terms of products prepared, delivered, billed, discounts given, etc.


If you have more than one restaurants, we are will be able to you will have an integrated view of what is happening when and where

No Errors

Fast, accurate and reliable

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Choosing DoYourOrder means embracing a holistic and all-encompassing solution tailored to address every facet of your business. Our thoughtfully designed pricing tiers grant you unparalleled access to a suite of essential tools meticulously crafted to fuel your growth and success.