You don’t need any hardware to operate DOYO, other than a Star Micronics printer for billing receipts.
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Doyo - DoYourOrder Hardware

Use your own hardware


Use any Android/iOS device

Your employee downloads the free app; give them access to your restaurant

Software is always up to date


Improve your worker experience

No more working on obsolete devices with outdated design and extra monthly costs or huge set-up fees for POS or waiter device

Convenience for the team

Employees use their own phones for clocking in and out

Enjoy Flexibility

Cancel DOYO without notice or hidden costs; use your hardware for other purposes

Easy setup

No installation costs or need for IT intervention. Start saving money right away and (uploading your restaurant info takes only 1 - 5 hours of your time).

Select Size:

21.5 inch capacitive touchscreen
Android pc with RK3568 CPU, RAM 2GB+16GB ROM, Android 11 OS
POS screen
A full-scale kitchen is a hostile enviroment for any technology due to high temperatures, humidity and water spills. We partnered with our supplier to develop a screen that performs in such conditions.
40% lighter weight
IP65 Water&Dust Resistance
7 mm Frame
10 points Touch
365*24Hs Running Structure
Type A FHD screen


$ 750

Select Size:

Thermal POS receipt printer TSP143IIIW EU + UK (WLAN)
Thermal, futurePRNT, 80mm Wide Paper, 24VDC internal Power Supply, Cutter, WLAN WiFi Interface, Ultra White/Grey Case, EU and UK Version
Printers (Plug and Play)
Connect via LAN

Buy any Star Micronics printer; connect it to the same LAN as your other devices (by cable or WLAN) and DOYO will find it (Plug and Play).

Connect via WLANN

Buy any Star Micronics printer; connect it to the same W-LAN as your other devices and DOYO will find it and use it.

Connect via Bluetooth

Buy any Star Micronics printer; locate your printer from the POS (bluetooth settings). Connect to it. DOYO will find and use it. Bluetooth printers are recommended if you don‘t have a fixed internet subription. DOYO is then operated entirely on mobile phones.


$ 350
Mobile Internet

Use the internet from your mobile providers. All your team needs is a stable 3G to 5G connection.


If you are operating DOYO via WLAN, you need to ensure the network is able to handle the internet traffic (link with tables). Have a dedicated network for all your employees to access. Keep it separate from your clients‘ network. You need at least an ADSL internet and routers with similar specifications to synology router rt2600