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Main Features


Reduce calls received for reservations inquiries

Guests can pre-order before coming to the restaurant

No more losing clients due to missed calls


Real-time Reservation

Reserve seats based on real-time table availability and planned reservations

Plan Availability

Change seat availability depending on time slots (i.e., in peak time, sell at 80% capacity and retain 20% for walk-in guests

Effective and Practical Table Reservation System

Our online table reservation software works well with your website and lets your staff know about changes to reservations in real time. With our easy-to-use interface, guests can check for availability and make reservations, which cuts down on the number of phone calls we get about reservations.

Our table reservation system will maximize your resources.

Our restaurant table reservation system optimizes your resources, including your employees and seating arrangements. With our plan availability function, you can change the number of available seats based on the time of day. This way, you can make sure that as many people as possible are seated during peak times while still leaving room for walk-in guests.

Enhancement of client experience

Our restaurant software lets guests make table reservations from anywhere at any time. People can order meals before they come to your restaurant. This improves the dining experience and makes guests happier.

Compatible with other systems

Our table reservation system connects easily to other systems, like point-of-sale (POS) and guest relationship management (CRM) systems, so you can manage every part of your restaurant from a single interface.

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Get a demonstration of our table reservation system today to learn how it can streamline your reservation process, increase client satisfaction, and boost revenue. You can access your reservation system from your phone with our "Do Your Order" app for iOS and Android.

On the side

Focus on serving clients instead of answering the phone

Increase revenues by reducing lost reservations

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