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Doyo - DoYourOrder Digital Menu

Main Features


Paperless menu that can be updated in real time from your mobile phone

Instantly translated in 8 languages (95% accuracy) including Chinese

Menu can be humanly edited for greater translation accuracy

Add pictures, different product formats, extras, flag allergens

Update price, hide menu items that are no longer in stock


QR Menu

The menu is displayed on the guest's phone without needing an app; guests can navigate in their native language and exclude foods containing certain allergens.

Cost Accounting

Centrally manage all of your menus and COGS from one account. You can delegate this function to your local managers or other staff members.

On the side

Reduce guest wait time and increase table turnover. Let them see your menu quickly!

You can track ingredient costs to the items you are selling, and always know your inventory consumption.

Optional COVID 19 questionnaire for contact tracing.

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