Frequently asked questions

How much time does it take to set up a free digital menu with pictures and translation?

Is there any type of support in setting up the DOYO account?

How do I add/open a new restaurant into my account?

How do I add a new QR digital menu to my restaurant/bar account?

How do I add a new menu item/product?

How do I add/hire a new employee to the restaurant platform?

Can I connect any sum up credit card reader to your platform?

What happens if the sum up payment fails?

How do I set up the self-ordering and client pre-payment feature?

How do I stop/deactivate the self-ordering feature for clients?

How do a set up a pin code for the self-ordering feature?

Do waiters/servers have the same client screen to submit orders?

How do I set up a promotion/discount on certain items/menu products?

Doyo POS support billing split bill functionalities?

What type of reports can I run in the platform?

How should I bill a table, is there a recommended procedure?

How do I access the POS screen?

How do I add COGS to each of my restaurant products?

How do I assign a work schedule to my employee?

How can the employee clock in and out from the restaurant?

Where can I get a shift overview to see who are the people working today or this week?

How can employees submit a holiday request?