Managing User Access and Permissions in Your Restaurant Account

In this tutorial, we will guide you through the process of adding and managing users with different access rights in your restaurant account on Do Your Order. You can control who has access to various features and departments within your restaurant management system.

STEP 1 : Accessing User Management

Access Your Restaurant Screen

Log in to your Do Your Order restaurant account and navigate to the main restaurant screen.


Navigate to User Management

Look for the "Users" option on the screen and click on it. This will take you to the user management section.


STEP 2 : Adding a New User

Add a New User

Click on the "Add New User" button. This action will prompt you to enter the details of the user you want to add.

STEP 3 : Define Access Rights

You have three options for access rights


Administrators can see and manage all restaurants within the same account. They have full access to all features and settings.


Managers can see and manage only the selected restaurants. They have access to specific restaurants and their associated features.


Users can be assigned to production departments (e.g., kitchen, bar, pizzeria) or service departments (e.g., waiter). Users in service departments can also have their billing rights edited or removed.

STEP 4 : Assign Departments

Assign User to Department

If you choose "Users" or "Service," you will have the option to assign the user to a specific department, such as the kitchen, bar, pizzeria, or service.

Edit Billing Rights (Service Department)

For users in the service department, you can edit their billing rights, specifying whether they have the authority to handle billing transactions. You can also choose to remove billing rights for a server or waiter.

STEP 5 : Save Changes

Save User Details

Once you have filled in the user's details and defined their access rights and department, click the "Save" or "Add User" button to create the new user profile.

STEP 6 : Manage User Accounts

Editing and Removing Users

You can manage user accounts at any time. Edit or remove users, and adjust their access rights or department assignments as needed.

By following these steps, you can effectively manage user access and permissions within your restaurant account on Do Your Order. This allows you to control who can access specific features and departments, ensuring smooth and secure restaurant operations.