Do Your Order: Empowering Restaurants with Fiscal Compliance in Spain's Evolving POS Landscape

Doyo - DoYourOrder Do Your Order: Empowering Restaurants with Fiscal Compliance in Spain's Evolving POS Landscape

DOYO POS is a restaurant management cloud solution which is also fiscally complaint with Veri*factu and TicketBAI

Overview of the Fiscal Landscape in Spain

The Spanish and Basque governments have ushered in a new era of fiscal compliance in the restaurant industry with the introduction of the Veri*factu and TicketBAI Cash Security Regulation. These regulations have set stringent organizational and technical requirements that PoS (Point of Sale) solutions must adhere to, ensuring the tamper-proof operation of cash registers across Spain, including the Basque Country. In this evolving landscape, one platform is emerging as a game-changer for restaurants seeking to stay on the right side of the law – Do Your Order

Do Your Order: The Key to fiscal compliance

DOYO POS,  is a revolutionary platform-independent and software-only solution designed to assist restaurants in achieving fiscal compliance with ease. It comes in the form of an Android or IoS APP for restaurant management, making fiscal compliance in Spain seamless, and requiring only a stable internet connection. This innovative solution ensures that restaurant owners and operators can meet the strict requirements established by Spanish financial authorities, such as the Agencia Estatal de Administración Tributaria and Haciendas Forales, thereby avoiding potential legal troubles.

A cloud-based solution tailored on restaurants

DOYO is a cutting-edge cloud-based solution that offers unparalleled convenience to restaurant owners and operators. What sets DOYO apart is its simplicity and accessibility – it operates entirely in the cloud, eliminating the need for complex hardware installations or extensive software updates. With DOYO, all that's required is a stable internet connection, making it an ideal choice for businesses of all sizes, from small family-owned eateries to large restaurant chains. This cloud-based approach ensures that fiscal compliance is not only achievable but also hassle-free, allowing restaurant professionals to focus on serving their customers while leaving the complexities of compliance to the cloud.

TicketBAI and Veri*factu are applicable to a wide range of scenarios, including:

  • All natural and legal entities conducting economic activities under the Basque Tax Administration's jurisdiction, including personal tax income and society income.
  • Businesses engaged in the supply of goods and provision of services, covering both B2B and B2C operations. 
  • In-store and online sales, ensuring comprehensive coverage.
  • Generation of paper and/or electronic invoices, thus encompassing modern billing methods.

To ensure compliance with TicketBAI and Veri*factu, restaurants must undergo a structured process:

  • Implementation of TicketBAI  and Veri*factu guarantor Software: The billing or PoS system must be equipped with TicketBAI guarantor software, a crucial step to initiate compliance.
  • Generation and Electronic Signing: An XML file, often referred to as a "TicketBAI  Veri*factu File," is created and electronically signed using a digital certificate. This file contains essential information, including TicketBAI  Veri*factu footprints, chain references to previous files, and details about the software used.
  • Automatic Submission: The XML files, now containing all necessary fiscal information, are automatically sent to the respective tax authorities, ensuring transparency and compliance.
  • Integration of TicketBAI Information: The issued invoices must contain the TicketBAI ID code and QR code, providing easy access to fiscal information for both authorities and customers.

In Conclusion

In a rapidly changing fiscal environment, where adherence to regulations is paramount, Do Your Order restauran POS is emerging as a crucial ally for restaurants in Spain, helping them navigate the complex landscape of fiscal compliance with ease. By embracing innovative solutions like DOYO POS, restaurants can focus on what they do best – providing exceptional dining experiences – while leaving the intricacies of fiscal compliance to the experts.

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