Navigating the Waves of Startup Success: Insights from Week 4 of Our Journey

Doyo - DoYourOrder Navigating the Waves of Startup Success: Insights from Week 4 of Our Journey

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In an enlightening journey spanning over a week, the Do Your Order team, under the mentorship of Bernardo Vasconcelos, embarked on a transformative exploration of the sales process, strategic business modeling, and the intricacies of investment opportunities in Portugal. From delving deep into the art of building empathy and fostering lasting relationships to mastering the Business Model Canvas and the Golden Circle, our team has been equipped with a comprehensive toolkit. This journey, enriched with insights on customer engagement strategies and a nuanced understanding of the investment landscape, has set a solid foundation for our startup. Positioned in Portugal, a burgeoning hub for innovation and growth, we are now more prepared than ever to navigate the complexities of the sales landscape, leverage strategic frameworks to our advantage, and seize investment opportunities that align with our mission and values.

Unveiling the Art of Sales with Bernardo Vasconcelos: A Day of Insightful Learning

On February 5th, the Do Your Order team had the privilege of engaging in a transformative learning experience under the guidance of Bernardo Vasconcelos, a distinguished sales professional, coach, and facilitator. This day was not just another step in our journey; it was a leap towards mastering the art of sales, understanding customer engagement, and refining our strategic approach to business growth. Here’s a summary of the invaluable insights and lessons we garnered throughout the day.

The Essence of Sales: Empathy, Trust, and Relationship

The Essence of Sales: Empathy, Trust, and Relationship

Bernardo introduced us to the core stages of the sales cycle: empathy, trust, and relationship. Each stage serves as a cornerstone in building a successful sales strategy. By starting with empathy, we learned the importance of genuinely understanding and connecting with our customers' needs and emotions. This foundational trust paves the way for business opportunities, where customers feel confident in engaging with us. The culmination of this process is a strong, ongoing relationship that not only fuels business opportunities but also creates a network of advocacy through satisfied customers.

The Power of Listening

The Power of Listening

Listening is an art, and in sales, it's a critical skill. Bernardo delineated the levels of listening from empathic and active listening to the less effective forms like selective and pretend listening. The emphasis on empathic listening resonated with us, highlighting the need to truly understand and connect with the speaker's emotions and perspectives. This deeper sense of empathy fosters a genuine connection with customers, which is indispensable in the sales process.

A Practical Approach: Role-Playing Exercise

The role-playing exercise was a practical test of our understanding, simulating real-life sales scenarios. This hands-on approach allowed us to embody both the salesperson and the buyer, offering a 360-degree view of the sales process. The feedback received was a goldmine, revealing our strengths and pinpointing areas for improvement. This exercise underscored the importance of adapting our sales strategy to meet the diverse needs and decision-making processes within organizations.

Strategic Tools: The Eisenhower Matrix and Simplifying SWOT

Bernardo introduced us to the Eisenhower Matrix, a time management tool that helps prioritize tasks based on their urgency and importance. Applying this matrix to sales tasks was a revelation, enabling us to focus on what truly matters and avoid getting bogged down by less impactful activities. Similarly, the Simplified SWOT analysis provided clarity on focusing our efforts by understanding our product's strengths and weaknesses in relation to customer importance.

The Art of Questioning

Understanding the selling situation through questioning is crucial. Bernardo emphasized asking varied questions to uncover new markets, clarify actual needs, describe new partnerships, differentiate ourselves from competitors, and determine how to sell and advertise our product effectively. This approach not only aids in tailoring our sales strategy but also in aligning our product offerings with market demands.

Elevating Our Strategy: A Deep Dive into Business Models and Customer Engagement

Following an enlightening day with Bernardo Vasconcelos, the Do Your Order team continued our journey on February 6th, delving deeper into the frameworks and strategies that underpin successful businesses. This day was dedicated to exploring the Business Model Canvas, the Golden Circle, and the intricacies of customer engagement and growth strategies. Here's how these insights are shaping our path forward.

The Business Model Canvas and The Golden Circle: Laying the Foundation

The golde Circle by Simon Sinek

The Business Model Canvas presented us with a visual representation of the essential components of our business, encouraging us to think comprehensively about our customer segments, value propositions, channels, customer relationships, revenue streams, and more. This tool has been instrumental in helping us visualize our business model in a structured way, ensuring that every aspect of our operation aligns with our strategic goals.

Simon Sinek's Golden Circle further inspired us by emphasizing the importance of starting with 'why'—our purpose, cause, or belief. This inside-out approach to business strategy resonates deeply with our team, reminding us that our core mission should drive every decision and innovation. By articulating why we exist, how we fulfill our purpose, and what we offer, we're able to connect more profoundly with our customers and differentiate ourselves in the marketplace.

Identifying Our Ideal Customers and Excelling in Our Offerings

Understanding who our ideal customers are and what sets us apart in the market is crucial. By identifying the specific audience that will most benefit from our product or service, we can tailor our marketing efforts more effectively and enhance customer satisfaction. Moreover, excelling in a particular area, whether it's product quality, customer service, or innovation, establishes a unique selling proposition that sets us apart from competitors.

Pirate Metrics: AARRR Framework

Dave McClure's AARRR framework—Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Referral, and Revenue—has provided us with a structured approach to analyzing and optimizing our marketing and sales processes. This framework helps us focus on the key metrics that matter at different stages of a customer's journey, ensuring we're making data-driven decisions to grow our user base and enhance customer engagement.

Customer Journey Mapping and Touchpoints

Mapping out the customer journey has been an eye-opening exercise, allowing us to visualize the various stages our customers go through, from awareness to advocacy. Understanding and optimizing each touchpoint across this journey is critical for delivering a cohesive and positive customer experience. This process has highlighted the importance of departments working in unison to ensure every interaction with our brand is seamless and impactful.

Strategies for Growth: Acquisition, Activation, and Beyond

Focusing on acquisition, we've gleaned insights from Forbes and Inc. on effective strategies to attract new customers. The shift in marketing perception towards viewing marketing efforts as an investment rather than a cost has been pivotal. Additionally, strategies for growing our user base, such as targeted marketing campaigns and product improvements, are being implemented with a keen eye on ROI.

Real-world case studies, like Catraca Livre, have provided practical insights into successful user growth strategies, emphasizing the importance of understanding customer motivations and behaviors. Activation strategies, including the use of personalized emails and creating a habit-forming product, are being refined to ensure we not only attract but also retain a loyal customer base.


As we reflect on the invaluable lessons and insights garnered from our week-long journey, it's clear that the mentorship of Bernardo Vasconcelos, coupled with our deep dive into strategic business frameworks and the investment landscape of Portugal, has profoundly shaped the trajectory of Do Your Order. Armed with a deeper understanding of the sales process, a strategic approach to business modeling, and a clear direction for securing investment, we stand at the brink of a promising future. Our commitment to excellence, a clear understanding of our purpose, and a focus on our ideal customers are the pillars that will support our journey towards sustained growth and success. As we move forward, the lessons learned and the strategies developed will continue to guide us, ensuring that we not only meet but exceed our customers' expectations and thrive in the competitive, ever-evolving startup landscape.

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