Crafting the Dream Team: Insights from Our Startup Retreat in Funchal - Week 5

Doyo - DoYourOrder Crafting the Dream Team: Insights from Our Startup Retreat in Funchal - Week 5

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In the vibrant city of Funchal, the Do Your Order team embarked on a transformative retreat that would redefine our trajectory. Guided by the astute mentorship of Miguel Alves Ribeiro, Founder & CEO at, we delved into an intensive exploration of what it means to build not just a business, but a legacy. This retreat was far from ordinary; it was a crucible of growth, challenging us to rethink our approach to team building, user engagement, and strategic growth. From the nuances of hiring for culture fit to the intricacies of data-driven decision-making, the insights we gained have set us on a path to not only navigate but thrive in the complexities of the startup ecosystem.

Achieving Culture Fit: The Foundation of Our Team

Miguel stressed the importance of aligning hard skills with the needs of the role while emphasizing the value of a "horizontal skillset" in early hires—individuals ready to wear multiple hats and dive into various tasks. Soft skills, adaptability, passion, and a deep understanding of our product and company ethos were highlighted as crucial for ensuring a seamless culture fit. This approach is pivotal as we evolve, requiring different expertise at each stage of our growth, particularly as we transition from seed stage to eyeing Series A funding, where specialized roles in legal, finance, and marketing become crucial.

Welcoming New Team Members: Creating a Sense of Belonging

New team member of Do Your Order in Funchal during the madeira start up retreat

Welcoming new hires goes beyond a simple introduction. It’s about immersing them in our mission, sharing our goals, and providing them with the tools they need to succeed, including a "welcoming kit" to make them feel part of the family from day one. Training with team leads across business areas ensures a comprehensive understanding of our operations, fostering a collaborative environment from the outset.

Retaining Talent: Cultivating a High-Performance Culture

Funchal, Madeira

Retention, as Miguel pointed out, hinges on promoting a high-performance culture over a familial atmosphere. This involves challenging our team daily, establishing a foundation of trust and flexibility, and encouraging continuous feedback and growth. By setting clear milestones for ESOPs attribution, we not only incentivize performance but also align individual achievements with our company’s success.

Our CEO on the cable car in Funchal going for a hike with the team

Building the Dream Team: Leadership and Growth

The essence of building a "dream team" lies in leading by example, encouraging contributions to the brand, and instilling pride in our work. Acknowledging mistakes, clarifying our vision and mission, and celebrating every win, big or small, are practices Miguel advocated for creating a cohesive, motivated team. His insights are a testament to the power of transparent, inspirational leadership in cultivating a culture of excellence and innovation.

Lessons from the Trenches: Miguel’s Entrepreneurial Journey

Miguel’s journey with his holistic app, Base, offered a candid look at the challenges and pivots inherent in the startup landscape. His experience with market readiness and the specific needs of restaurant owners in Southern Europe provided a stark reminder of the importance of understanding our audience. His advice to contact leads promptly and tailor our pitch to different customer segments, focusing on a select few features, has redefined our approach to sales and customer engagement.

Beyond Downloads: The Significance of Conversion Rates

Understanding that the sheer number of downloads doesn't equate to success, we've shifted our focus towards conversion rates. This metric has become our north star, guiding us in evaluating how effectively our downloads translate into active users or paying customers. Implementing advanced analytics tools has enabled us to track user interactions meticulously, providing a clear picture of our app's performance and areas for improvement.

Enhancing User Engagement Through Data Gathering

By incorporating timers and event log definitions into our app, we're now able to measure the time users spend within our platform, alongside tracking key events such as purchases and shares. This data is not just numbers but a narrative of our users' journey, helping us understand the "who, how, why, when, and where" of their interactions. Such insights are invaluable in tailoring our features and content to match user preferences and behaviors.

Cohort Analysis and CAC Optimization

Cohort analysis has emerged as a pivotal tool in our strategy, allowing us to group users based on common characteristics and observe their behavior over time. This approach has been instrumental in identifying trends and patterns that inform our user retention strategies. Additionally, by defining Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) within specific time intervals, we've gained a flexible framework that adapts to market dynamics and the evolving efficiency of our acquisition strategies.

Focusing on Core Metrics and Awareness Channels

Our journey has also led us to identify and prioritize focus metrics that truly reflect the health and growth of our startup. By breaking down high-level metrics like Monthly Active Users (MAU) into more granular components, such as Daily Active Users (DAU), we've achieved a more nuanced understanding of our performance. Moreover, diversifying our awareness channels through SEO, SEM, affiliate marketing, PR, and social networks has broadened our reach, enhancing our brand's visibility and attracting a wider audience.

Leveraging Affiliate Marketing and Customer Research

Affiliate marketing has opened new avenues for growth, enabling us to partner with affiliates who drive traffic and sales, thereby extending our market presence. Furthermore, our approach to customer research has evolved. We now focus on understanding users' past experiences and challenges, which provides us with actionable insights into their needs and how we can serve them better.

A Roadmap for Growth

Reflecting on our time in Funchal, it's clear that the experience was a watershed moment for Do Your Order. Under the mentorship of Miguel Alves Ribeiro, we've been armed with a robust strategic framework that touches every aspect of our operation. The comprehensive roadmap laid out during the retreat, emphasizing everything from conversion rates to customer research, has not only sharpened our focus but also galvanized our team towards achieving our ambitious goals. As we forge ahead, the lessons learned and the strategies adopted are more than just a blueprint for growth; they are a testament to our evolving legacy. With a renewed sense of purpose and a clear vision for the future, Do Your Order is on an unwavering path to innovation, growth, and success in the digital age, ready to transform the promise of today into the achievements of tomorrow.

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