Fiscalization for Restaurant and hospitality in Europe: Navigating the Landscape with Do Your Order

Doyo - DoYourOrder Fiscalization for Restaurant and hospitality in Europe: Navigating the Landscape with Do Your Order

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The fiscalization landscape in Europe presents a complex array of regulations that businesses, particularly in the restaurant and hospitality sectors, must navigate to ensure compliance. These regulations vary significantly from country to country, encompassing a range of solutions from hardware-based systems to software applications, and increasingly, web portals for direct data submission to tax authorities. Understanding these differences is crucial for businesses aiming to maintain compliance while operating efficiently across Europe.

Do Your Order Compliance Across Europe

Compliant Countries:

Belgium: Compliant for restaurants with a turnover below EUR 25,000.

Czech Republic: Compliant due to the cancellation of the online fiscalization system.

Germany: Fully compliant, offering cloud solutions or support for special EPSON printers.

Greece: Compliant by supporting fiscal printers from Epson or Star Micronics.

Italy: Fully compliant through the use of fiscal printers produced by EPSON.

Lithuania: Compliant by supporting the use of fiscal printers from approved manufacturers.

Sweden: Can become compliant by utilizing special printers authorized by tax authorities.

Malta: Compliant by supporting fiscal printers from Epson or Star Micronics.

Spain:  Complaint Actively planning to become compliant with both VeriFactu and TicketBAI systems.

UK: Fully compliant

Luxembourg: Fully compliant

Ireland: Fully compliant

Partially Compliant or Planning to Become Compliant:

Denmark: Partially compliant; businesses need to request data exports for full compliance.

Norway: Planning to become compliant in the future.

France: Planning to become compliant once restaurant critical mass is achieved

Not Compliant and No Plans to Become Compliant:

Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Turkey: Do Your Order has chosen not to pursue compliance in these countries due to various factors, including complex legal frameworks, stringent hardware and software requirements, and market readiness.

Types of Fiscalization Solutions

Hardware-Based Systems: Some European countries require the use of specific fiscal devices, such as cash registers or printers, that are certified to meet national fiscal standards. These devices are designed to securely record transactions and generate fiscal receipts, ensuring that sales data is accurately captured and reported.

Software Solutions: Other countries have moved towards software-based fiscalization, requiring businesses to use certified POS (Point of Sale) applications that comply with local tax reporting standards. These software solutions often include features for digital invoicing, real-time sales reporting, and secure data storage.

Hybrid Systems: A number of countries employ a combination of both hardware and software solutions to meet their fiscalization requirements. In these cases, businesses may need to use certified fiscal devices in conjunction with compliant software applications to ensure full compliance.

Web Portals: Increasingly, European countries are providing web portals that allow businesses to submit sales and tax data directly to tax authorities. These portals facilitate efficient data exchange and compliance management, simplifying the reporting process for businesses.

Navigating Fiscal Compliance with Do Your Order

For restaurants and hospitality businesses operating in Europe, navigating the fiscal compliance landscape can be challenging. Do Your Order offers a comprehensive solution that is tailored to meet the fiscal requirements of several European countries, providing peace of mind and operational efficiency for businesses. By choosing Do Your Order, businesses can ensure they are compliant with local fiscal regulations, whether through the use of certified hardware, software solutions, or both.

As fiscalization requirements continue to evolve across Europe, Do Your Order remains committed to monitoring these changes and adapting its solutions to meet the needs of its clients. For businesses operating in countries where Do Your Order is not currently compliant, it's important to seek alternative solutions that ensure full compliance with local fiscal laws.

In conclusion, understanding the fiscalization requirements of each country is essential for businesses aiming to expand or maintain operations across Europe. With Do Your Order, many restaurants and hospitality businesses can achieve compliance efficiently, allowing them to focus on delivering exceptional service to their customers while adhering to local tax regulations.

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