Do Your Order's Exciting Journey Begins at the Startup Madeira Retreat

Doyo - DoYourOrder Do Your Order's Exciting Journey Begins at the Startup Madeira Retreat

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Week 1: A New Chapter Unfolds in Madeira

Greetings from the Do Your Order editorial team! As we embark on the first week of the six-week program at the Startup Madeira Retreat, we're thrilled to share our experiences and insights from this vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The Symbolic Start

The retreat kicked off with an inspiring session led by Cristina Salsinha, who, alongside Carlos, presented each startup with a symbolic key. This key represents not just the opening of doors to new possibilities and growth but also marks the start of an exhilarating phase in our entrepreneurial journey.

A Melting Pot of Global Innovators

The retreat features an eclectic mix of startups from across the globe, each bringing unique ideas and energy to the table. Here’s a glimpse of our fellow innovators:

1. AHOY! Serviços Expressos (Brazil) - Website(

2. Do Your Order (Switzerland) - Website(

3. eTOLLs EU (Cyprus) - Website(

4. Heavnn (Estonia) - Website(

5. (Poland) - Website(

6. Revisior® (Poland) - Website(

7. Socialbnb (Germany) - Website(

8. The Spendbase (Ukraine) - Website(

9. Tourdata.AI (Portugal) - Website(

10. Girafa.Club (Iran) - Website(

Each startup, with its unique vision and innovative approach, adds to the richness of this program.

Insights from the Portugal Tourism Innovation Lab

Cristina Salsinha, representing the Portugal Tourism Innovation Lab, shed light on the integral role of innovation in boosting Portugal's economy. Her insights on the tourism sector, contributing 8.7% to the nation’s GDP, are particularly relevant for Do Your Order, given the close ties between tourism and the restaurant industry. Salsinha’s discussion on the Ministry of Tourism's vision for 2027, focusing on sustainability and digitalization, aligns seamlessly with Do Your Order's offerings. This paves the way for the start-up to integrate its services in Portugal's growing tourism sector.

Expanding Networks with Michelle Maree

Networking expert Michelle Maree emphasized the importance of building a strong network. For Do Your Order, this translates into potential collaborations, client acquisitions, and partnerships. Maree’s offer for a personal introduction to her network, including investors, could be a game-changer for Do Your Order, providing them with a much-needed boost in the competitive start-up landscape.

Madeira: A Gem in the Atlantic

Madeira: A Gem in the Atlantic

The island of Madeira, with its stunning Mediterranean climate and diverse flora including exotic fruits like bananas, offers more than just a picturesque setting. Its well-organized infrastructure, diverse food culture, and numerous tourist attractions make it an ideal hub for startups. The bustling city of Funchal, with its quality gyms and vibrant lifestyle, adds to the charm of this entrepreneurial retreat.

Looking Towards the Future

As Do Your Order progresses through this program, we're not just gaining invaluable insights and networks but also exploring the potential of expanding our operations. Madeira, with its business-friendly environment and scenic beauty, has certainly caught our interest as a prospective location for a new branch, especially if our ventures in Portugal gain momentum as anticipated.

Stay Tuned for More

Join us on this journey as we share more updates, learnings, and experiences from the Startup Madeira Retreat. We're just getting started, and there’s so much more to explore and achieve!Follow our blog for regular updates and insights into our progress, challenges, and the exciting opportunities that lie ahead in this entrepreneurial adventure.

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