Do Your Order Editorial Team: Mid-Retreat Reflections, Insights, and Strategic Directions

Doyo - DoYourOrder Mid-Retreat Reflections, Insights, and Strategic Directions

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As we reach the halfway mark of our Start-up Retreat Program, it's time to reflect on the invaluable insights, feedback, and strategic directions we've gathered. The journey so far has been an enlightening fusion of industry expertise, strategic thinking, and innovative ideas. Here, we delve into the highlights and key takeaways from our interactions with industry stalwarts who have generously shared their wisdom with us.

Embracing Tradition and Innovation: Insights from Pestana Hotels

Our dialogue with Alexandra Viveiros from Pestana Hotels shed light on the nuanced adoption of technology in the hospitality sector. At the Pestana Carlton branch, the preference for traditional ordering methods among an older demographic highlights the importance of understanding customer behavior. In contrast, branches in Spain and New York are embracing the QR ordering system more enthusiastically. This dichotomy underscores the need for a flexible, customer-centric approach in digital solutions. Alexandra pointed us towards their Business Intelligence department in Lisbon, a hub for innovation and IT systems, marking a potential avenue for collaboration and growth. The positive impact of the QR ordering system on sales further reaffirms the potential of digital solutions in enhancing the dining experience.

Decoding the One-Pager: Feedback from Nearsoft

Pedro Camacho's critique of our one-pager was a call to refine our communication strategy. His advice to avoid a "pitchy" tone and instead articulate the specific value our product offers to industries like hotels was a reminder of the importance of clarity and relevance in our messaging. Tailoring our approach to the decision-makers, particularly the IT teams who spearhead digitization projects, is crucial. Pedro's insights into the digital transformation eagerness in developing countries in the Middle East and Asia, and the banking sector's drive towards innovation for ROI, provided us with a clearer understanding of market dynamics and customer motivations.

Navigating the Human Element in Dining: A Conversation with Andreia Basilio

Andreia Basilio, a restaurant owner with a unique and disruptive concept, brought to light the universal challenges of staffing in the hospitality industry. Her preference for maintaining the human element in customer service, despite the industry's digital evolution, speaks volumes about the irreplaceable value of human interaction in dining experiences. However, her interest in Workforce Management solutions for small restaurants and efficient handling of part-time staff during peak seasons aligns perfectly with our vision at Do Your Order. It's a testament to the need for solutions that harmonize technology with the human aspect of service.

Strategic Insights from Rui Gouveia (Co-founder & CIO at comOn Group)

Rui Gouveia provided a comprehensive review, starting with a crucial technical fix on our website, ensuring seamless navigation for our users. His strategic advice on pricing plan optimization is set to enhance our market appeal and profitability. Rui's emphasis on refining our value proposition, from a generic "Revolutionize" to a more impactful "Improve productivity during rush hours," aligns perfectly with our goal of delivering clear, tangible benefits to our clients.

Content strategy was another area where Rui's insights were invaluable. Steering our content to align more closely with Do Your Order's core offerings and encouraging trial sign-ups will undoubtedly fortify our market position. His debunking of common startup myths and emphasis on being customer-driven and data-driven post-launch, especially using metrics like Net Promoter Score (NPS), provides us with a robust framework for growth and customer satisfaction.

Rui's structured approach to validating market fit and value proposition, involving targeted exercises and strategies, is a blueprint for our strategic direction. His suggestion to utilize AI-generated tools like '' for crafting a comprehensive Go-To-Market Strategy and creating campaign content is an exciting prospect, blending AI's precision with our creative vision.

Strategic Takeaways: Navigating the Start-up Lifecycle and Sales Strategies

The retreat has been a crucible for strategic thinking, especially in understanding the start-up lifecycle stages—from achieving product-market fit to establishing scalable sales funnels and scaling the business. The evolution of customer acquisition strategies, from leveraging personal connections to exploring diverse channels, was particularly insightful. The discussions around Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) and Life-Time Value (LTV) metrics, and the ideal ratio between them, have equipped us with a robust framework to measure and drive our growth strategies.

Cultivating a Sales Force: Culture, Goals, and Shared Challenges

Understanding the sales culture, whether aggressive or customer-centric, and aligning it with clear, SMART objectives that resonate with the company's overarching goals, has been a focal point of our learning. The emphasis on shared challenges and team achievements has instilled in us the importance of a cohesive, motivated sales force in navigating the competitive landscape.

As we gear up for the second half of the Start-up Retreat Program, we carry with us the rich insights and guidance from industry experts like Alexandra Viveiros, Pedro Camacho, Andreia Basilio, and Rui Gouveia. Their feedback is not just a reflection of our journey so far but a beacon guiding us towards a future where tradition meets innovation, and where every challenge is an opportunity for growth.

Stay tuned as we continue to evolve, innovate, and share our journey with you. The road ahead is promising, and with the collective wisdom of our mentors and the relentless spirit of our team, Do Your Order is set to redefine the contours of the digital dining experience.

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