How to set up a new restaurant POS and back of the house system ?

Doyo - DoYourOrder Setting Up Restaurant POS and Back-of-House System Guide

As the food service industry continues to grow at an unprecedented rate, the need for efficient and reliable POS and back of the house systems becomes ever more critical. Setting up a new restaurant POS and back of the house system can be a challenging task, with many factors to consider before making a choice. This paper aims to provide a guide to restaurant owners on how to set up a new restaurant POS and back of the house system effectively. It will outline the key features to look out for in any POS system and the importance of choosing the right back of the house system. The paper also takes a practical look at how to choose and implement the right system for the specific needs of a restaurant.


The high cost of running a restaurant coupled with the increasing demand for faster and more efficient service delivery has made the use of restaurant point of sale (POS) systems a necessity. The use of POS systems has become a standard operating procedure for most establishments due to their ability to streamline operations, reduce waste, and improve efficiency. A restaurant POS system can be referred to as the central hub through which a restaurant processes its orders, payments, and sales. It also serves as an interface between different departments of a restaurant, making communication between the front and back of the house seamless. In this paper, we will be looking at how to set up a new restaurant POS and back of the house system.

Key Features of a Restaurant POS System

The importance of an excellent restaurant POS system cannot be overstated. When picking a POS system, there are essential features to look out for, and these include:

  • Scalability: A restaurant POS system should be scalable enough to accommodate the growth of the business.

  • User-friendly interface: The POS system should have a simple interface that is easy to understand and operate, even for non-technical staff.

  • Ability to integrate: Integration capabilities are critical when selecting a restaurant POS system. It should be able to integrate with other systems such as inventory management or accounting software.

  • Secure data storage: The POS system should have a secure data storage system to protect sensitive data such as customer and financial information.

  • Support services: The POS system provider should have excellent customer support services to provide timely assistance when needed.

Importance of Back of the House (BOH) Systems

The back-of-the-house system is essential to the success of any restaurant. BOH systems are used for managing inventory, tracking sales, and producing reports. A proper BOH system ensures smooth operations and a more efficient workflow. It is also essential for maintaining food safety standards and reducing food waste. Here are some essential features to look out for in a back of the house system:

  • Inventory Management: A proper BOH system should have an inventory management feature that helps keep track of all supplies and ingredients.

  • Scheduling: BOH systems should have scheduling capabilities that help identify staff availability and aid in shift planning and scheduling.

  • Reporting: BOH systems should provide reporting features that offer insights into restaurant operations, indicating areas for improvement.

  • Menu Management: BOH systems should have menu management capabilities that help manage menu items, pricing, and availability.

  • Vendor Management: BOH systems should be able to manage vendor properties, pricing, and payments to ensure smooth relationships with suppliers.

Choosing the Right POS and BOH Systems

While there are many POS and BOH systems available, choosing the right one requires careful consideration of several factors, including cost, scalability, ease of use, features, and support services. Here are some options to consider when selecting a POS and BOH system:

  • Cloud-based Systems: Cloud-based systems are becoming increasingly popular as they offer the flexibility of remote access, scalability, and cost-effectiveness.

  • Open-Source systems: Open-source systems are free and customizable, but they require expertise to set up and maintain.

  • Traditional Systems: Traditional systems help provide a physical backup for critical data but may be more expensive to set up and maintain.


In conclusion, setting up a new restaurant POS and BOH system requires careful consideration of various factors. The right system can help streamline operations, improve efficiency, ensure compliance with food safety standards, and boost profits. Before making a choice, it is essential to understand the essential features to look out for in a POS and BOH system and consider the cost, scalability, ease of use, features, and support. The right choice should be made based on the specific needs of the restaurant, keeping in mind future growth and scalability.

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