A Pioneering Spirit: The Journey of Be Easy Brewing in Japan's Craft Beer Scene

Doyo - DoYourOrder A Pioneering Spirit: The Journey of Be Easy Brewing in Japan's Craft Beer Scene

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In the vibrant craft beer scene of Hirosaki, a city renowned for its cherry blossoms, historic castles, and abundant apple orchards, a unique brewery is gradually establishing its presence. Founded by Gareth, Be Easy Brewing embodies a blend of passion, persistence, and the ambition to bring a distinct beer experience to Japan. Gareth's entrepreneurial journey is not solely about crafting distinctive beers; it's a broader narrative of realizing a dream against all odds, drawing lessons from the past, and a relentless pursuit of quality and innovation. Beyond Be Easy Brewing, Gareth has expanded his vision to a second brewery, both of which are brilliantly managed using 'Do Your Order' in combination with Shopify. This integration has not only streamlined operations across both locations but also enhanced the customer experience, reflecting Gareth's acumen in utilizing technology to elevate his business. Impressed by his achievements and the impact he has made in the craft beer industry, we at the 'Do Your Order' editorial team are excited to interview Gareth. Through his story, we aim to explore the strategies, insights, and philosophies that have propelled him to success, offering a source of inspiration and practical advice to our readers and fellow entrepreneurs.

Inspired Beginnings

Gareth's journey into the craft beer world was serendipitous. A vacation back to the states led to a taste of a homemade saison by a friend, sparking the curiosity and passion that would eventually lead to Be Easy Brewing. From those initial sips, a dream was born, taking nearly three years of hard work, navigating bureaucratic hurdles, and a steep learning curve to realize.

An interesting anecdote shared by Gareth highlighted the importance of adaptability in business. He recounted a story of an Italian expat who opened the first pizzeria in Tokyo post-World War II. Despite early success, the pizzeria's strict adherence to traditional Italian pizza eventually faced competition from establishments willing to adapt to local tastes. This story underlines a critical lesson: the importance of understanding and integrating into the local culture while maintaining the essence of the product. Gareth applied this wisdom in crafting beers that appeal to both local preferences and the craft beer aficionado's palate, ensuring Be Easy Brewing's offerings are both authentic and accessible.

A Testament to Resilience and Innovation

Opening Be Easy Brewing was no small feat. Gareth invested his life savings and secured a business loan, buying a building and the necessary equipment to set up the brewery. His military background, serving as an Air Force Explosive Ordnance Disposal technician, instilled in him a sense of discipline and resilience that proved invaluable. From personally designing the taproom to conducting extensive research on IT infrastructure, Gareth ensured that his brewery was not only a place for excellent beer but also an efficiently run establishment.

The choice of our digital 360 restaurant platform for managing the brewery's operations highlights Gareth's commitment to innovation and efficiency. Praised for its user-friendliness and multi-language support, it allows customers to seamlessly place orders, enhancing their experience. Gareth's story is a powerful reminder of the impact of technology in modernizing traditional industries like brewing.

Be Easy Brewing: A Reflection of Its Founder

Be Easy Brewing, with its beloved offerings such as Ray’s Milky Stout, is a reflection of Gareth's character: humble, dedicated, and innovative. The brewery's success is a product of Gareth's hands-on approach, from the brewing process to the design of the taproom and the meticulous training of his staff. His journey from a military career to becoming a staple of the Tokyo craft beer scene is inspiring, showing that with passion and perseverance, one can brew not just great beer but also a lasting legacy.

Looking Forward

Be Easy Brewing's future looks bright, with Gareth continuously experimenting with new styles and flavors. His commitment to creating a diverse range of beers, without being tied to any particular style or tradition, sets Be Easy Brewing apart. Whether it's a New England style IPA infused with mango or a Rauch beer awaiting its perfect moment by a campfire, Gareth's creations are eagerly anticipated by his growing number of fans.

Gareth's journey and the story of Be Easy Brewing serve as a powerful reminder of the beauty of following one's passion. It's a narrative of how embracing the lessons of the past, coupled with resilience and innovation, can lead to success even in the most challenging of industries. Be Easy Brewing is not just a brewery; it's a beacon for aspiring entrepreneurs and craft beer enthusiasts alike, showing that with the right mix of passion, hard work, and adaptability, dreams can indeed become reality.

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