Stop wasting time making a table plan for your restaurant. Use numbered QR code instead!

Doyo - DoYourOrder Ditch Table Planning, Use Numbered QR Codes Instead!

Setting a numbered QR code on a restaurant or bar table has many advantages:

  • Reduce error connected to billing the wrong item to the wrong table down to 0.0%

  • Reduces waiters error in delivering items to the wrong table down zero to 0.0%

  • Reduces time in maintaining a digital table plan

  • Increases customer experience and satisfaction because the same numbered QR code can be used to display a digital menu with pictures and translated in 8 languages. It allows also for prepayment

Setting a numbered QR code on the table reduces ordering errors. Reduces maintenance efforts in table planning and increases client experience: the same numbered QR can be used by the client to see the menu. Or even order!

Digital table plans are annoying to set up and most of the time the cause confusion. Think about when a group of people is coming and you need to "merge the two tables in one" to avoid debiting items on two tables: you might end up billing only one table, while the items of the other will be debited to the next client. Think about the client that is sitting at the table next to the bar and his items need to be transferred to another table. And you forget "to move" the ordered items with him. Or, even worst, you debit them to the wrong table

Also, while table plan do make absolute sense to the manager doing them, for their employees (especially new one) might be difficult to understand. How many times do you see waiters walking around asking who ordered those items? Yes. You might put a number on the table to avoid confusion. But how many time, does that number gets moved around causing items to be ordered and delivered to the wrong table? There is more efficient ways to work and to invest precious time to focus on the client instead of maintaining a digital table plan. Start now by setting up a free digital menu with pictures and translations?

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