How to digitalize restaurant operations and increase productivity, profit margin and client satisfaction

Doyo - DoYourOrder Enhance Restaurant Efficiency and Profit with Digitalization

Productivity in restaurants has been low for decades compare to other industries such as the logistic, manufacturing or service industry. For the most part, people keep working the same way. Entering the industry is also fairly simple and there is a lot of competition! The combination of low productivity and high offering results in low margin (the money the restaurant owner brings back home). No other industry has a high bankruptcy rate as the hospitality industry. A "bad month" can be enough to wipe one year of work! You can increase margins by offering a very special offering (i.e here in Europe Peruvian or Hawaiian food is quite the hype). Something the competition does not have yet. This will allow you to charge a premium. However, soon or later competition will catch up and reduce your margin. Eventually, key people working in the restaurant such as the cooks allowing you to do the special offering would get more expensive for you because they are in higher demand. Which will also put further pressure on profit margin.

Another way to increase revenues is to bring more people (increase the average table occupancy rate) by running advertisement campaign which now days are digital. Also, this requires a bit of know how and a lot of work from the restaurant owner to increase on line presence and make a decent Instagram, Facebook or other social media account. Doing a proper on-line page is extremely important and it is your responsibility to monitor that and be in control. Once done, Doyo can help you to create more traffic on your page, which increases your popularity, which will result in a higher number of people coming. Also this feature is offered for free by us. Forever.

Another way to increase revenues is to increase the number of returning customers. This will also help you stabilize your revenue stream. Great client experience can be brought back to the following components

  • The quality and taste of the food that you are preparing

  • The waiting time: the less the better

  • The menu: the better it sets client expectations of a certain dish the better

We can help in reducing client waiting time and setting their expectations so that they actually are happy to return.

Looking at ways to increase the revenues stream is important and difficult at the same time. There is an easier and faster way to make more money to bring home: saving cost. Thereby boosting your margins and passing part of the savings to your clients by offering a completive prices product or to your own bank account (in case you are in a niche market).

  • By streamlining your production process and inventory management

  • Improve work process and automate work flows

Improve work process and automate work flows is mostly done via the front to back digitalization of your ordering process. Having the client post an order, would eliminate manual work from the waiter for instance. On the other hand, giving the possibility to the kitchen to coordinate food delivery across department reduces expensive staff overhead (department managers) and reduces the number of errors.

Use your own TV (Google TV) as a KDS (cheaper and bigger)

For suitable Bars or kitchens not too hot or humid you can use you own smart TV as a KDS. As better alternative you can use Google /Android TV. In the first case, you need to go on the browser of your smart TV. Go on, click on sign-in and log in with an account belonging to your kitchen/ bar or any other production department. Unless your tv has a "magic remote", you need to install a mouse to your tv (ideally wireless). This will allow you to interact more effectively with other departments and servers/waiters when it comes down to coordinate a delivery or flag the food when ready. Few bars use a small TV screen as a POS!

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