Why is it important to have a user-friendly digital menus for restaurants and bars?

Doyo - DoYourOrder Importance of User-Friendly Digital Menus for Restaurants

2020 was the year when the world stopped as a result of the Covid 19 pandemic. Great things came out of it: For once millions of people stopped commuting to the offices saving millions of CO2 transport emission. The savings in commuting time could be reinvested in doing plenty of more useful things. On the other side, the social distancing policies for the first time propelled several QR code technology which now are used for payments, displaying website or digital menus in bar and restaurant. The main drive in this case was health: reduce the risk of people in getting exposed to the virus by making them use their own devise instead of using a paper menu. The advantage of having a menu digitalized brought clear advantages: the most noted one was the ability to be able to change the offering more frequently without having to spend a lot of money in printing. But few places seem to be moving back to the old way of working. With paper menus. Why? Why moving back to a filthy piece of paper? Rarely cleaned and most of the time with products out of stock?

A short answer: most of the digital QR menus out there are user unfriendly. A mere upload of a pdf document into a google cloud solution and accessible via a standard QR code. A menu which is not readable and which in most cases requires the user too zoom in. In case owners, run out of stock on any specific item, they would have to log in to their PC and go on the cloud document to delete it and upload a new one without that item. Very few do this. Once the item is again in stock, then you would need to go back and add it manually. If the client would ask you for a card in a different language, servers would bring them another QR (most of the restaurants don’t even bother translating the menu in any language). Probably one that has a different offering than the main one, because the translated menus are updated less frequently and with less care then the main ones. Most of those menus do not have a picture, and if they do, it is rarely for all items served.

Would it not be nice to be able to have a digital menu which actually adds real value to the client and to the restaurant owner? And it is actually free? We have the solution for you as we are offering modern and user-friendly menus for free. Updatable anywhere at any time by using a smartphone

For clients using Doyo has the advantages of accessing an automatically translated menu with pictures. They would also have the ability to easily exclude dishes they are allergic to. For owners they would be able to add easily new product to the stock by using their phone. Hide immediately the ones that run out of stock. Read more here: digital menu link. We hope that eventually, few of the people are actually willing to upgrade to our full-scale platform services. If not, we really try this awesome technology not to die, by giving it away for free! Peace.

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