What is a KDS and why is it important for bars, restaurants and other hospitality businesses?

Doyo - DoYourOrder Importance of KDS for Bars, Restaurants, and Hospitality

The use of technology in the hospitality industry has seen tremendous advancements over the years, with the Kitchen Display System (KDS) being one of the significant innovations. KDS is a digital ordering and tracking system used in the kitchen to replace the traditional paper ticket system. The system has several advantages over the traditional technique, including environmental sustainability, enhanced coordination in the kitchen, improved customer satisfaction, and reduced paper costs. This article provides an in-depth analysis of the advantages of KDS in the hospitality industry, highlighting its functionality, coordination, and environmental benefits.


In the hospitality industry, customer satisfaction is a top priority. A satisfied customer is more likely to return and recommend the business. In the restaurant business, customer satisfaction is influenced by the quality of service, including the speed of food delivery, the temperature of the food, accuracy of the order, and coordination between the kitchen and the serving staff. A delayed order, missing order, or incorrect order can lead to customer dissatisfaction and ultimately, loss of business revenue. One way to address these issues is through the use of the Kitchen Display System (KDS).

Functionality of KDS

KDS is an electronic ordering and tracking system used by the kitchen staff to replace the traditional paper ticket system. In the KDS, all orders are displayed digitally on a screen installed in the kitchen, allowing the kitchen staff to view all pending orders at a glance. Unlike the paper ticket system, where the kitchen staff can only see one order at a time, the KDS displays all the pending orders, improving efficiency in the kitchen. Moreover, the KDS can accommodate multiple orders at the same time and can be viewed by different staff across different departments, improving coordination and synchronization.

Coordination Using KDS

One of the significant benefits of the KDS is its synchronization feature. The KDS has a "Synchronization" functionality, which allows the kitchen staff to coordinate delivery to a table across different departments so that all people at the table can eat at the same time. Traditionally, such coordination is done physically by a manager or radio channels. With the KDS, the kitchen staff can synchronize food preparation, thus reducing the waiting time for customers. Besides, the KDS is equipped with a flagging system that notifies the server when the food is ready. The waiter who placed the order will receive a notification on their phone or work device, reducing the time for the food to remain idle in the kitchen. Once food is delivered by the waiter, the table moves to the back of the queue, ensuring that the next table can be prepared. This coordination reduces the waiting time for customers and enhances customer satisfaction.

Environmental Sustainability

One of the major advantages of using KDS in the hospitality industry is environmental sustainability. The KDS eliminates the need for paper tickets, reducing the cost of printing and the amount of paper needed. Traditional paper ticket systems consume more energy than the average LED screen, and they generate significant paper waste. The KDS’s environmental impact is minimal, and it aligns with the goal of eco-friendly and sustainable operations in the hospitality industry. KDS has also been used with Google Smart TVs as an alternative, ensuring that sustainability is maintained.


In conclusion, the use of KDS in the hospitality industry has several advantages, including enhanced coordination, synchronization, and efficiency in the kitchen, leading to improved customer satisfaction. Additionally, the KDS is environmentally sustainable, as it eliminates paper waste and reduces the energy consumed in printing tickets. As such, it is a valuable investment for businesses looking to improve their operations' efficiency while also meeting their sustainability goals.

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